Cladding Construction Work, Building Inspection, Fire Risk Assessment


We offer a range of cladding inspection and fire risk assessment consultancy and building services. Our building services are provided by a fully qualified and registered builder with appropriate building registrations in Victoria, NSW and Queensland. Where potentially combustible cladding materials have been used, we provide a fixed price solution for its removal and replacement.


Construction Project Management Services

We provide building owners with feasible, practical construction Project Management services. This ensures any cladding replacement or remediation work conforms to Australian standards and code requirements and is completed within agreed time and cost constraints. As part of our Project Management services for the duration of cladding replacement or remediation works. Our team will work, with tenants and building occupiers, so minimise the extent of disruption from building works.

  • Design options
  • Project Management & Supervision Services
  • Certification approval and final handover

Cladding Advisory Services

We can perform specialist cladding advisory services and validate when non-conforming cladding materials are used. Our expert reports detail everything from the characterisation of products used, to fire spread considerations and compatibility with the building’s fire strategy.

  • Building inspections for non-conforming cladding materials
  • Fire risk assessment and remedial work requirements

Building Inspection

We offer confirmation of the building construction type (in accordance with the Building Code of Australia), review design, construction and approval information, plus inspect the building to determine whether potentially combustible cladding has been used on the external facade. We then complete the building industry professional statement about whether or not the building may be an affected, thereby ensuring building owners meet their regulatory requirements.

  • Review exiting building and its construction
  • Inspect the building’s external façade using cost a drone 

Review Existing Building Construction

We assess if the building is a type A or B construction as defined in the Building Code of Australia (BCA). So to achieve outcomes we will consider the building classification (which is determined by the purpose for which it is designed, constructed or adapted to be used), rise in storeys, overall floor area, plus consider all other factors, concessions and considerations outlined in the Building Code of Australia (BCA).


Cladding External Facade

We assess the buildings external facade and inform whether any combustible products, or products with combustible content are present and how the cladding is fixed to the external facade. This involves a mix of reviewing documentation relating to the building’s design, construction specifications and site inspection to reach a final assessment and progress to obtaining approved certifications.


Mission Statement

“Grundy Constructions policy is to deliver services to its clients in the most efficient and timely manner while respecting legal and statutory requirements. Grundy Constructions operates under ISO 9001-2000 in the completion of its services. All staff and sub-contractors are expected to work according to our policies and procedures. The system employed by Grundy Constructions is reviewed annually in order to ensure its consistency".


Cladding Remediation Management

We will provide expert construction Project Management for the duration of cladding replacement or remediation works. Our teams have extensive experience working on existing buildings, with tenants’ in-situ. We well know the challenges and risks this can present, and we advise building owners practical options and help identify steps which will minimise the extent of disruption from building works.

  • Rectify (or not) an affected building
  • Implement interim risk mitigations
  • Oversee remediation management

Rectify (Or Not) An Affected Building

Our building fire safety risk assessment report provides building owners with a preliminary understanding for identified fire safety risks and safety concerns associated with the combustible cladding material used on the building.


As a building owner there is no legislated requirement to complete building work which will rectify the combustible cladding issue, or to implement interim risk measures. This is a voluntary action although you do have a legislated duty of care obligation to ensure the safety of all building users.


Implement Interim Risk Mitigations

Essential risk mitigations outlined in the report are provided as a means to reduce the building owner’s risk prior to replacement or remediation works commencing. We are able to coordinate the implementation of these mitigation activities to ensure the risk to your building is measurably reduced and to improve the safety of building users.


Our Clients

We work closely with a wide range of clients including private building owners, building managers, owner’s corporations, asset management companies, government, insurance agents and brokers. We are able to provide services across all building classifications from Class 2 to Class 9, including high density residential buildings, hotels and motels, offices, shopping centres, retail shops, restaurants, warehouses, factories, health-care buildings, childcare centres, schools, sporting facilities and night clubs, and aged care buildings.