Commercial Unlimited Builders

(CB-U 4272)

Grundy Constructions is fully qualified as a Commercial Unlimited Builder (CB-U) and is fully qualified for the construction of shops, offices, factories and other buildings, up to and over 15m in height.  Commercial Builders Unlimited can also examine clients' plans, tender for projects, submit plans to local authorities for approval and organise inspections of building work. They need excellent logistic, negotiation and supervision skills to ensure their construction projects are completed on time and on budget.


As a Commercial Builder Unlimited Grundy may perform, manage and/or arrange any commercial building work.  This is unlike other providers who are qualified as Commercial Builders Limited who are restricted to the specific areas for which they are certified such as Low rise, steel erection, and underpinning and are not qualified to work on structures over 15m high.  


In achieving such a qualification Grundy has demonstrated knowledge and skill in a vast array of competencies.  With strong foundations in business management, Grundy has a sound ability to implement financial strategy, monitor performance, manage staff and apply marketing principles while also demonstrating strong problem solving skills.


Grundy has demonstrated significant industry experience and knowledge in building technology, applying the most innovative construction methods and working to Australian Standards and the National Construction Code Series.  It has proven its ability to manage the operational side of construction but also a capability to supervise building works.


You can trust that Grundy has the industry experience, knowledge, and a sound understanding of relevant legislation ensuring that any commercial building carried out is managed seamlessly.  With the ability to service clients from beginning to end you can expect a flexible relationship and smooth operation from Grundy Constructions.